Web Hosting “Unlimited” Catch – What you need to know

When it comes to bandwidth, disk space, email accounts and numerous other features most decent web hosts offer packages with these as “unlimited”, so what does this actually mean? Is it really unlimited?

Unlimited Web Hosting- What's the catch?

In short NO, no host will give you truly unlimited disk space, bandwidth etc however, to nearly all of the customers who take out the package it is unlimited.

Historically web hosts put low limits on disk space and bandwidth and charged premiums for going over these levels however the industry has changed over the years, with excessive competition and advancements in server technology they can offer these features as near unlimited for the majority of customers.

So why is it not truly unlimited?
Basically, “unlimited” deals give 99% of customers that take out the package exactly that. What this means is you don’t have to worry about network transfer, disk storage or adding more websites when your site gets popular or your business needs to expand. The catch is there to stop the 1% of people who abuse the disk space and bandwidth, websites whose only purpose is to take these to the max such as file sharing and distribution sites

Normal website owners need not fear though do need to make sure their websites are optimised and as light as possible to create a great experience for its users.

If you happen to exceed these unset limits then your host may give you a very short notice period to upgrade your account, they may even block traffic from your site(s) if it’s causing a strain on the shared server and taking resources away from other sites that are on there.

So what do you do if this happens to you?
Upgrade to a package that’s $20/£20 a month instead of $5/£5, usually a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that allows for much more traffic, space and speed, it’s still peanuts in the grand scheme of things, if your website is maxing out the unlimited offer then it’s likely you’re earning more than enough to cover these small costs.

So should you get an unlimited package?
Ask yourself these questions: How big is your site going to get? How much traffic are you expecting? How many email addresses will you actually need?

If you’re a small business, building a one off medium size site or building lots of small sites then an unlimited package is the one for you. it allows you to expand without worry and let your traffic grow without restrictions.

Web hosting packages usually start from as little as $2/£2 however these may limit you in certain aspects so for an unlimited type package expect to pay around $5 – 9 (£3 – 6) per month.

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